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Rewards for Registration

  • Chest with random items You can randomly get from the chest:
    - Coupon for Costume
    - Coupon for Visual Pet
    - Coupon for Accessory
  • Package with shots 7.500 Soulshots and 15.000 Spiritshots.
  • Coupon for Foundation Weapon Redeem your weapon voucher at Newbie Guide in any towns.
  • Coupon for Foundation Armor Redeem your armor voucher at Newbie Guide in any towns.
  • Greater Healing Potions x1000 Restore the character's HP over 15 seconds.
  • Lesser Mana Potions x1000 Restore character's MP within 15 seconds, cannot be used in PVP.
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Attention! If you are already registered, you will automatically receive a reward from the chest.

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